Radon Gas Inspection

Quinte Area Home Inspections – Thermal Imaging – Vermiculite Testing – Radon Testing


Home Inspections:

  • Inspecting all major systems
  • Giving recommendations
  • Adding implications of no action

Thermal Imaging:

  • Finding areas with missing or settling insulation
  • Checking electrical panel for hot circuits
  • Looking at ducts for possible air leaks
  • Checking for any possible water damage

Vermiculite Testing:

  • Taking samples on site
  • Sending samples to lab
  • Sending report with results

Radon Testing:

  • Placing long term tests to find levels of radon within home
  • Sending testing units to lab
  • Sending report with results

Who We Are

We are a local small business that offers professional services providing home inspections, thermal imaging, vermiculite testing and testing your home for Radon gas.  We are certified and we abide by Health Canada guidelines which recognizes the Canadian certification program,  Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) and are also a member of the Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST).


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Owner:  Eric Vellekoop

Why is a Home Inspection Important?

A certified home inspector is trained on all the major systems of a home and what to look for when it comes to problems that commonly occur. Home inspectors take a trained indepth look into the systems within the home that if they failed would cost the buyer additional costs that they may not have been foreseen.

A home purchase is typically the most expensive and therefore most stressful purchase you will ever make. We want the home inspection portion of the process to be a stress reliever. Most homes need some kind of work or upgrades and as long as you as the buyer are aware of those things, you can make an educated decision on the purchase of your home.

Why Use Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging can show things that our eyes cannot. Since a home inspection is a visual inspection only, thermal imaging can provide an insight into what is behind the drywall. Many homes get renovated as years pass and some are done without providing the right protections. Some areas can be placed with no insulation and can make for higher heating and cooling costs and with no knowledge of where the issue is occurring, unnecessary renovations may take place without the need.

A thermal imaging inspection can not only show missing or settled insulation, it can also show plugs in pipes, overheating electrical and active water leaks.

Serving Quinte and Surrounding area:

We are a local company serving the Quinte region and beyond with Home Inspections, Thermal Imaging and Radon testing.

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