Home Inspections

At Dynamic Home Safe Inspections, a home inspection concentrates on all the major aspects and components of the home. As a home owner of more than 15 years and having many renovations and repairs of my own, I know the things to look out for and understand that this is a major financial decision and as such can be very stressful. The intention for me is to make this part of the home buying or selling process as easy and stress free as I can.

Multi-Unit Inspections

We offer inspections for rental units or homes that include a pre-rental inspection and data collection report that includes photos of the data plates of the appliances and the status of all surfaces within the rental unit.  We also offer a post rental inspection to outline any changes that occurred during the time the tenant stayed.

We offer a maintenance and repair service.  We make use of an application that allows the tenant to report any maintenance or repair issue which can be forwarded on to us.  We can then provide a quote for the work needed and proceed with the approval of the landlord and the application will provide a scheduling process with the tenant.


If major work or renovation is required, we can provide project management services which include inspection and approval of the intended owrk.

Thermal Imaging

I understand that with heating and cooling costs only getting higher, that being able to provide thermal imaging as part of a home inspection can be a bonus. It can help show areas of missing or settling insulation or areas around doors and windows that are leaking that will be added costs to your home and are not necessarily visible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging can also show overloaded or loose circuits within the electrical panel and can show plugs in pipes and even areas that have active leaks behind finishes.

Vermiculite Testing

Although not all vermiculite contains asbestos, some products including attic insulation contained asbestos up until the 1990’s.  If found it is important for it to be sampled and tested to ensure your long term health.  We can help with this!

Radon Testing

Radon testing takes longer and as such can not be completed during a home inspection, but we strongly suggest having us come back after your home purchase to test for radon so that you can be assured safety from radon induced lung cancer. We provide a radon testing by placing a test in the appropriate location. We will then set a date to return and pick up the test which we will ship back to the lab and will provide you with the results when they become available.

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